Bob Gordon & his All Star Review

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Bob's act is a combination of storytelling and music; a culmination of true and amusing incidents which he has experienced with celebrities, both clients and others, over the course of his long career as a lawyer in the entertainment industry. With a very upscale ukulele and surprisingly pleasant voice (for a lawyer!) Bob shares an intimate story of music business, entertainment law and the inner-working relationships between artist, producer, manager and/or record label with legal counsel as a friend and a lawyer, exposing the nature of success and failure, and how the musicians he worked with made their way through life's ups and downs through music and laughter. It's a story of love, of law, and of magic moments in history.

The Story behind the All Star Review

Robert E. Gordon ("Bob") has been an Entertainment Lawyer in California since 1960. His clients over the years include A&M Records, Ray Charles, Bobby Darin, the Kingston Trio, Santana, Jefferson Airplane, Big Brother and the Holding Company, Janis Joplin, the Doobie Brothers, Van Morrison, the Kronos Quartet and many others. Over the years, Bob gets together with a group of friends every Friday night to play the ukulele and has been singing with local choral groups including SingersMarin and the Mayflower Chorus. Bob had never given any thought to performing before the public, but when he was asked by a client to be their opening act for a show at the 142 Throckmorton Theatre in Mill Valley, CA., he was very well received. Many of the audience members, celebrities who were present that night, urged him to continue on the path of an entertainer. A member of the well-known Bohemian Grove was present and thought Bob's act would be well received as entertainment at the Bohemian Grove's annual Encampment. Bob presented his act and was well received.  This inspired him. After then performing on a Royal Caribbean cruise, and later at the Concordia-Argonaut Men's Club in San Francisco, both with great response, he decided finally to take the advice of his clients, whom he normally advised! Bob still practices law and loves his work but has also found a new love, sharing his experience and stories through music and playing the ukulele at various clubs and for live audiences.  

“Pleased to meet a ukelele playing singer raconteur who is capping a remarkable life by launching a new career as a stand up entertainer,

basking in the waves of mirth and jubilation that greet his largely spontaneous stream of consciousness, and realizing that he has found a new and stimulating and rewarding role, a showman in spite of himself.   “Good karma, you have it, enjoy it."   

Bernard Stollman

"Bob, a prominent music industry attorney for many years, representing a number of “Superstar” musicians and singers plays the ukulele really well, but the stories about some of his famous clients, accompanied by ukulele and vocal renditions of their well known songs makes this show a must see act for anyone interested in entertainment law, or the inner-workings of the business.

Great Show!"

Jack Anderson

Comedy Day Celebration Founder

“Your delivery is reminiscent of Will Rogers, both unassuming and captivating, and I forecast a perfectly enjoyable career track as you share pleasurable recollections of celebrated individuals, which resonate well with a generation that identified with the era or feel nostalgia for a time before they were born.”

"Thank You Bob,  

Your show was a winner!!!  Please think of me the next time you perform in or out of Bohemia, it was an absolute pleasure getting the chance to back up a true artist such as yourself." 


    Terry Miller

Bob Gordon and his All Star Review

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